New Shows!

Cameron Watches Movies: It’s the end of the year, so I’m joined by Coleman Ranahan and Dave Accampo as we discuss the three biggest trailers of the last few weeks. That being “The Hobbit,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Prometheus.” We then start that first half of our top ten films of the year and end with some Dragon Tattoo discussion. We’ll be back in a week or so with part 2. Get that here

Filmographies: Between directors, we return to do our Mission Impossible special just in time for the newest film in the series. The interesting thing about these series of films is that it has four very distinct directors with for very distinctly different films. Some we like, some, not so much. But give a listen and discover with us what we thought. It’s a good discussion with plenty of laughs. We also announce our newest director in the end of the show, who will be next for the Filmographies crew? And stay after the end for some discussion on “Drive”. Enjoy! get that here

Invisible Jetcast: On this sleepy, sick and new years partied out episode of IJC, we discuss Wonder Woman #4, before moving onto emails and the homework: Superman: Sacrifice. On this one, we are sleepy. Get that here


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